Roxy Music

You can't really pull together a site called Avalon2.net without mentioning Roxy Music's famous album and title track: Avalon. OK, it's got nothing to do with the slot machine other than it shares the same name and theme, but hey- it's a classic from Brian Ferry.

Roxy Music

The Album

Avalon, the album, was released in 1982, and was Roxy Music's 8th (and last) album.

It was a big hit, settling in at the No. 1 spot in the UK for 3 weeks. It didn't get as high in the States, but over the long term eventually went platinum (Roxy Music's only album to do so).

The girls on the cover is Bryan Ferry's girlfriend Lucy Helmore, representing the Lady of The Lake, whom King Arthur sought out in his final journey to the mythical land of Avalon.

Many people counted Brian Ferry and Roxy Music out after the release of Flesh and Blood, but the lovely Avalon is one of their finest albums. This is a lush, well matured sound that draws heavily on the stylish crooning of Ferry washed over with romantic and at times sleazy synthesizers. A recored for the urban sophisticates of the eighties, watching the sun set over the bustle of London and New York. "More Than This," "Take a Chance with Me," "While My Heart Is Still Beating," and of coursde "Avalon" are all stand out tracks- well crafted, subtle works that make for a rich, compeeling album: a fine swansong in anyone's book.