King Arthur

King ArturSo what and where is the Avalon of the slot game AvalonII?

Well, it's a mythical island, the the name of which comes from the Welsh: Ynys Afallon, that features prominently in the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Geoffrey of Monmouth's referred to it in his 1136 work "Historia Regum Britanniae (The History of the Kings of Britain").

Legend holds that Avalon was the location where the mighty Excalibur, King Arthur's was forged, and where Arthur went to recuperate after the Battle of Camlann. 

The Old Welsh name for apple is abal, and some say this is the root of the name (the cider is still good in the south-west of England!). Across the Channel, or La Manche, in that other Celtic Stronghold Britanny, apple is spelled "aval" in old Breton.
So "Apple Island" would seem to be the best translation. Some say Avalon is Glastonbury, as in Medieval times, the land around and about was boggy and Marshy (it still is, if you go to the Somerset Flats in the winter. Mulcheny in the Somerset Flats is an island again as of 2014 after all of the heavy floods and rain).

According to legend, King Arthur was carried to Avalon after fighting Mordred at the Battle of Camlann. In most texts, Arthur recovers his strength at Avalon and returns to fight his enemies once again. Avalon is the place where Arturs mystical sword Excalibur (or Caliburn) was forged. 

The island of apples was also known as the “The Fortunate Isle” due to its fertile nature, with an abundance of grain and grapes, and apple trees. 9 sisters of Arthur rule the island. 

King Arthur: Sound of Britain

Avalon is often linked to Glastonbury, after monks there claimed to have found the remains of Arthur and his queen. The Isle of Avalon was completely surrounded by marshlands. These days the surrounding lands in the Somerset Levels have been drained and Glastonbury is no longer an island. But the legend persists. And they aren't draining the Somerset Levels that well, as all the inhabitants discovered in the floods of 2014!

Many accounts talk of the last resting place of King Arthur and the beautiful Queen Guinevere, such that this part of the Somerset Levels near Street is popularly known as The Vale Of Avalon.

The impressive Glastonbury Tor adds more mystery to the area.

Other candidates for Avalon include places as far away as Sicily and Burgundy in France. Suffice to say, that people will always be fascinated by Avalon and  Arthur's mythical capital Camelot.